What Is A Copywriter? What They Do And How Your Business Can Benefit

In the last decade, copywriting as a profession has exploded! The demand for great quality copywriters really has gone through the roof as more and more businesses are learning about the value on offer. But if you’ve never enlisted the help of someone to write for you, then knowing what a copywriter does and how much to pay them can be a complete mystery. So first up …

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is any person who writes something in exchange for money. They are someone who has a strong grasp of language and can turn thoughts and ideas into enticing articles. Copywriters have existed for hundreds of years, and would have mostly written for newspapers and magazines in the past.

However, the number of active copywriters has exploded in recent years because of the internet. Nowadays, any forward-thinking business owner understands the value of a website and is looking to capitalise on the potential of their site. So for the rest of this post, we’re going to focus mainly on what a copywriter can do for your website.

What is a copywriter able to write about?

Simply put … anything! Regardless of what niche you are in, you should be able to find a professional copywriter who can assist you. So whether you sell homemade products, review insurance providers or offer holiday packages, you can find a writer to help you out. Some copywriters choose to specialise in certain industries and others are adept at writing across a range of topics.

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With regards to the actual writing they do, here’s a quick overview of the sorts of areas that a copywriter can help you in.

Product descriptions

If you want someone to buy something through your site, then your product descriptions need to do a good enough of enticing the buyer. Getting visitors looking at your online store is tough enough, so investing in good descriptions is invaluable in generating more conversions.

Articles and blog posts

Blog posts are fantastic for your website for two main reasons. First off, they can help to educate potential and existing customers about your industry. Many businesses, for example, will use their blog as a way to publish industry news as and when it’s happening. The second benefit is that blogs have the potential to bring in free, targeted visitors through search engines. More on this below …

A Copywriter creating new content for our websites

Landing page copy

Similarly, landing pages have two main functions, to bring in targeted visitors organically through Google and to convert visitors into buyers. The crucial aspect of writing a good landing page is all in its structure. It needs to find the perfect balance between being informative, as well as charismatic and engaging. A great copywriter can achieve this skill.

Email marketing

Email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools you have as a website owner. As such, hiring a copywriter could be invaluable in helping you to design an email series that sells subscribers on your business and converts them into customers.


To clarify, SEO (search engine optimisation) covers all of the categories above (except email), but is worth mentioning on it’s own. If you want people to discover your site organically through Google, then you need to be publishing content that is optimised in the eyes of Google. But what does this mean exactly?

Well, a copywriter who can write with SEO in mind, knows how to research and discover profitable keywords, how to include these in your article and how to format content in such a way that Google likes it. Many business owners publish more than a dozen blog posts a month on their site as they understand the potential that Google has to help them grow.

What to look for in a good copywriter

As with any industry, there are good copywriters and there are bad ones. You will need to pay more for a great quality copywriter, but in turn, the value you get from them is so much more than a bad one! But how do you spot a good copywriter and what skills do they possess exactly? Well, traits you should look for include:

Excellent command of the English language
Experience spent studying and writing for your industry
A portfolio of past work for other clients
A solid understanding of SEO best principles
A passion for writing
The ability to add personality to their writing

Is it time that you hired a copywriter?

After reading and learning more about what a copywriter is and what they do, you might already believe they can help you in some ways. However, you may still be unclear as to whether or not hiring a copywriter is right for you. Well, here are some cases in which it might be time for you to look to a copywriter for help.

You want to attract more customers organically to your site

A copywriter can help by either creating new pages of content or updating existing pages on your site. There are a number of SEO best practices that go into writing good quality, search engine-friendly articles, so be sure to find a copywriter who can deliver on this.

You want to do a better job of selling your products and services to existing customers

If you think that you are already getting lots of visitors on your site, but you aren’t getting as many sales as you’d like, then perhaps it’s time to bring in a copywriter. They can help you to redesign existing content by making it more engaging and friendly. Simple changes can oftentimes double conversions overnight.

You are looking to have a new website built

For any new website, it is recommended that you bring in a copywriter to help you craft compelling pages. From the moment someone lands on your site, all aspects of the content should draw them in and sell your business. Right through from the headings to the subtle call-to-actions dotted around the page. So start your business the right way and bring in a copywriter!

You want to update and add new life to a boring, old site

When was the last time you updated your site? 1 year ago? 5 years ago? 10 years ago!? Perhaps it’s time to add new life to your site by redesigning the content and publishing updated information about your business and your industry.

How do you find a great quality copywriter?

Well, this is the million pound question! Finding great copywriters can be a very lengthy and tiring process, similar to hiring any person to help you with your business. We’ve found that it can be a real struggle finding writers who offer the best quality content, have skills across a range of industries and who work for a rate that is affordable to the masses.

That is why we have developed our own in-house copywriting team to help all of our clients with their individual copywriting needs. Our aim is to provide affordable, yet flexible writing services that can be tailored to each client. Some opt for an upfront package of content in order to fill their site and draw in organic users to targeted landing pages.

Others choose an ongoing monthly plan which sees us publishing new, well-researched articles every single month. This allows them to build a steady stream of relevant, organic visitors who are interested in potentially purchasing their services. We offer competitive rates to both new and existing clients and are always keen to help more businesses expand their online presence.
To find out more and to put together a custom quote for your business, you can contact our team here.