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eCommerce starter package

We know all too well how stressful starting a new business can be. It can be very confusing especially if you are not technically minded or social savvy. We aim to take out all the hassle for you with this new ecommerce starter package. We will keep it simple for you every step of the way. From a jargon-free consultation to creating your first social media posts promoting your gorgeous new website.

whats included?

This package includes all the main ingredients you would need to be successful as an online store. It is in our best interest to make sure you are a successful business. We want you as one of our loyal customers long term. We have the marketing expertise to make it happen and we will always be 100% honest with you.

Website Design Agency Birmingham
– professional logo and branding
– a domain name of your choice*
– up to 2 business emails
– a modern responsive eCommerce store
– 20 products uploaded
– payment gateway set up
– fantastic on-page SEO to get you found on Google
– mail chimp setup up and integration to create outstanding mailshots
– Social media set up on up to 2 platforms
– your first 5 social media posts professionally designed and scheduled
– Google Analytics is set up to monitor your website’s traffic and success
– monthly amendments to your website**
– flexible payment terms
– SSL Included

package cost FROM £1995 plus monthly hosting

payment option 1

50% Up Front and 50% on completion
Save £600

payment option 2

£895 deposit then £100 for 12 months
Save £500

all about eCommerce hosting

Every website needs hosting, this is basically renting space on a server. We offer two hosting options to suit your individual requirements and will buy you a domain name as part of the package. 

Maintenance option 1

From £35 per month
technical support and hosting plus 1 email 1GB each*
with security updates, Back up and Restoration Included


*accessing via Gmail, or hotmail will give you up to 15gb FREE.

Maintenance option 2

From £65 per month
technical support and hosting plus 2 emails at 1 GB each*
monthly website amendments with security updates, Back up and Restoration Included

*accessing via Gmail, or Hotmail will give you up to 15GB FREE.

ecommerce faqs

Can I edit the website myself, and which parts?

Yes, you can edit the website yourself, the website is fully yours not like with some website providers who keep you tied to them for life and who own the website if you ever try to leave them.

We can set up users from within your company to have set permissions to edit certain areas, it could be just the blog for your social media assistant or perhaps adding products to your store for your office junior, you will always have full editor rights as well so should you wish to make any changes to the site you can.

We also offer varying degrees of support from basic hosting and maintenance right up to unlimited amendments, the price will be according to your monthly requirement but start from only £30 per month

Do you have example of live websites you have designed?

Yes, you will see links to our work on our portfolio and just above these questions on this page, if you would like more examples please don’t hesitate to ask us.

What are your payment terms?

We take a 50% deposit up front and then 50% on completion. Your optional monthly fees will be set up once the website is signed off and live.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up, just get in touch with us.

How many rounds of revisions am I allowed?

We offer two rounds of revisions to the website, you will get the first draft and we will go through page by page with your taking detailed instructions on design, text and image amends, we will then action these for you and send you a link to the site to peruse if you then want any further minor amends we will action these for you. If you have a monthly maintenance package with us you can  have amends to your website as often as you want depending on what we have agreed.

What support do you offer after the site goes live?

We offer different packages depending on your requirements.

How long do typical website design projects take?

For a small ecommerce website it can be as little as four weeks, for a more advanced website it could be up to twelve weeks.

For Ecommerce Websites Birmingham get in touch today!

Will it be a responsive site that works on multiple mobile and tablet devices?

Yes we only build responsive ecommerce websites.

For Ecommerce Websites Birmingham get in touch today!

What assets do I need to supply?

We will send you a full consultation form which will detail all assets you need to supply, these will vary from customer to customer but tend to include images, company history, prices, logo, hosting requirements as a minimum.

Who will write the content?

This is up to you, some customers like to write the whole site themselves, we find using our in-house SEO copywriter combined with a detailed customer brief the best method, but this is your site and we will listen to what you want.

What search engine optimization or marketing do you do for the site?

With every ecommerce website we build search engine optimisation is at the forefront, we ensure our code is clean, our images optimised, the pages have good metadata, and that we follow our internal search engine optimisation process to ensure your website has the best chance of appearing high. Our customers love what we do, and this is because we do it right.