Adobe Photoshop 

This is software which enables you to view and edit images.


This is a very annoying form of spyware which installs programs on your computer to generate advertising in the form of pop-ups.

Alt Tag

An alt tag is a way of labeling an image using html so that the text appears when your roll over it with a mouse, this is extremely useful for blind and visually impaired people. It is often something looked for as a ranking factor for SEO.


This is an operating system that was developed by google for mobile phone and hand held devices.

Back up service

A service that you can utilise to keep your data safe, this can be to keep a version of your website preserved in case of any future errors so that you can reinstate it from that moment in time.

The amount of information and data traveling down a communications channel within a given time period (also known as Data Transfer).


Also known as a robot, this is piece of software located within the internet that completes tasks such as searching for information.

A high-capacity, two-way link between an end user and access network suppliers which can support full-motion, interactive video applications.

Software that allows you to view pages on the Internet. E.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera and Firefox.


An error in software which stops the software working like it should.


This is one of the smallets units that data is measured in, a byte contains 8 bits. A byte is usually the right amount to save one character of text.

1000 bytes = 1 Kilobyte (kb)

1000 kb in a Megabyte (mb)

1000mb in a Gigabyte (gb)

1000gb in a Terabyte (tb)

Cached or Caching

This is when your browser saves information from web pages so that they can load them faster next time you visit

Cloud Computing

This is when data is stored by the internet (clouds) instead of on your computer


These are small files downloaded to your computer by different websites, they contain information about you so that when you visit that site again it remembers things about you such as name and address, account details and passwords.

Domain name
The name by which your Website is found; it is also the central part of the URL (see below) specific to you. e.g..


This is a way of transferring data from your computer to a server and back.

The process whereby your Website files are stored on a ‘server’ computer that is permanently connected to the Internet.

Hyper Text Mark-up Language; the programming language with which the web page is written. First proposed by an Englishman, Tim Berners Lee in 1990.

IP address

This is the numerical address that every computer has. it will look like this

Network connecting millions of computers to provide worldwide communication for businesses and homes.

Internet Service Provider, providing broadband or dial-up access, hosting and email to the Internet.


This is a programming language that is widely used on the internet to run small prorgrams in your browser called applets.

A programming language which, when embedded into web pages, helps to create special effects, interactive games, security passwords etc.


A file extension which tells us that file is an image, this is the most common format for photographs.

A word important to your Website subject matter which the search engines can use to identify, and therefore index, the topic of your Website.


A small private network of computers

Monitoring of Search Engine rankings and updating of Website on a regular basis.

Usually buttons, graphics or text links on a page which when clicked move you to another page or place on a page.

Pay per Click
PPC, the best known example of which is AdWords in Google, is the sponsored links advertising which appears on the right of the screen on many searches and in the section at the top of the list on some. They have an AD sign next to them. People pay per click to be here.


A combination of software and hardware that software can be run on for instance, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers.


An extra bit of software code added to your browser that enables you to view certain content


A type of image file that allows images to be trasnparent so that other images can be seen underneath them.


This is a media player made by Apple which streams files over the internet


Really Simple Syndication, this is a list of information taken from a website that is updated in realtime with any new information as it is added to the website

Search Engine
A software program that trawls through the web and indexes pages much like the Yellow Pages. Users can find the pages they want by accessing the search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation


This is a very large simple computer that is used solely for a few tasks such as storing large amounts of data and making that data available across the internet.


A type of image file


This is the amount of visitors you have to a website.

Uniform Resource Locator; the unique address with which your web pages can be found on the Internet. e.g.. or for some browsers the whole code is

Viral Marketing

This is a process of creating shareable content about their product or service that will spread the internet via word of mouth.


This is the person in charge of the website, the person that maintains the files kept on the server and the first person you contact if there is an issue with the website.

World Wide Web (WWW)
A subset of the Internet in which graphics, text, sound and animation combine to form a rich communications medium


Extensible Markup Language is a type of code used to create websites.