Our Go-to Guide To This Year’s 8 Hottest Tech Toys

14th December 2018
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2018 has been perhaps the most exciting year ever for new tech gadgets hitting the market. Whether you’re a fan of smartphones, consoles or smart devices, there’s so much to choose from and it can be hard knowing what to buy for your loved ones. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled our expert list of 2018’s 8 hottest tech toys.

1. Nintendo Switch

Though it was released back in 2017, a number of updates and new gaming releases have helped make this one of the hottest tech toys this Christmas. The console has already proved massively successful in the UK, as well as other countries all around the globe. It is the successor to the wildly popular Nintendo Wii, which was a tough console to beat.

But if you though the Wii was interactive and great for people of all ages, then the Switch takes things to a whole new level. Rather than being stuck using your console in front of the TV at home, you can instead take it with you wherever you go. The controllers connect and disconnect from the side of the screen with ease.

Meaning you can play on your own or have friends and family join in as well. The 5 hottest games to buy for the Nintendo Switch are:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!
Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
Super Mario Party
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Playstation VR hottest tech toys 2018

2. PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR went on sale back in 2016 and in the 2 years since they’ve sold more than 3 million VR headsets! So, simply put, the PlayStation VR has been an absolute smash hit. But the reason we are including it on 2018’s hottest tech toys is that, since it’s release, it’s gotten even better! The technology is constantly evolving meaning the headset keeps getting more and more advanced.

Also, PlayStation has kept on finding ways to reduce the price of the headset, meaning it’s an affordable PlayStation accessory for all. Especially when you compare it to other high-end VR systems out there which instead require you to also purchase an incredibly expensive gaming system. And it truly does match up in terms of quality.

Honestly, if you’ve not yet tried PSVR and own a PS4, then buy this! Top games currently include:

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
Tetris Effect
The Exorcist: Legion
Batman: Arkham VR

Apple watch series 4 hottest tech toy

3. Apple Watch 4

Smart watches are still an emerging technology and are anything but mainstream. However, Apple’s most recent product, the Apple Watch 4, has really stepped things up a notch. Basic features like longer battery life, a bigger screen and louder speakers have opened this up to even more people.

Yes, it is still considered quite a pricey item, but offers so many features that you won’t find elsewhere in an all-in-one device. Our favourite being its fall detection and Emergency SOS capability. That’s right, the smartwatch is so smart that it can keep a constant tab on your heart rhythm patterns.

Then, if your heart stops and you fall suddenly, it can immediately notify emergency contacts and get you help. So yes, the Apple Watch 4 is a cool gadget that’s great for fitness fanatics. But it has also become a safety device for elderly citizens and anyone else who suffers from heart problems.

4. Lego Vestas Wind Turbine

If you know someone who’s a fan of Lego, then this will prove an incredibly popular tech toy this Christmas. Because, yes that’s right, it is tech! Rather Than just building a static object, the Vestas Wind Turbine is a part of the Creator Expert range which offers Lego sets above and beyond the ordinary.

This latest edition was released on Black Friday 2018 and is a re-release of the 2008 product that was only available to employees of the Vesta Wind Turbine company. It’s already proved massively popular as a towering, eco-friendly object in any collectors growing personal Lego City. Discover more in this awesomely detailed review.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

5. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Nowadays, it seems that the only debate that ever goes on in the world of smartphones is between the newest iPhone and Galaxy models. But the brand new Huawei Mate 20 Pro has really blown things out of the water! Many are raving about Huawei’s latest flagship phone and hailing it as possibly the best smartphone ever made. But why?

Well, it features a large, 6.9 inch OLED screen that wraps beautifully around the edges of the phone. Providing a sleek, finished design that follows the trend of doing away with physical buttons altogether. The display quality is out of this world, offering up high quality 1400 x 3120 resolution. Speed is another area where the Huawei Mate 20 Pro comes out on top.

Seeing as it houses the fastest mobile processor ever built for commercial application. So if you’re going to be watching a lot of videos and playing graphic-heavy games, then the phone is well up to the task. And, oh yeah, it features a 40MP rear camera and 24MP front camera, which both produce sublime image quality.

6. PS Classic

The PS Classic is almost half the size of the original PlayStation and immediately inspires incredible feelings of nostalgia amongst gaming fans. The original PlayStation revolutionised the gaming industry and this delightful little set is an easy and affordable way to relive past memories and indulge in some old-style gaming.

Even the controllers are exactly the same as they once were and, once you plug it in and boot it up on your TV screen, you are greeted by 20 original games to choose from. Sure, the graphics aren’t perfect and the experience is nothing like modern, high-quality PS4 games. But that’s not the point!

Although, there is one notable feature that is holding the PS Classic back in terms of becoming a truly epic console. And that is it’s slightly lacklustre range of games currently available. It’s been criticised in this respect quite a lot, but that’s not to say plenty more games won’t be released soon enough! For now, there’s still plenty of classics to choose from. Such as:

Grand Theft Auto
Resident Evil
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy VII

Playstation Classic
Huawei Mate 20 Pro

7. FitBit Alta HR

The FitBit Alta HR really is the go-to accessory of 2018 for anyone interested in keeping constantly on top of their health. Amidst other exciting features, it’sa premier selling point is the advanced heart rate monitoring capabilities. And when you compare it to the high price tag of something like the Apple Watch 4, it’s geared perfectly towards those only interested in their health, as opposed to other smartphone capabilities.

And like other modern, great quality tech, it really is a slim piece of kit. Which is great, considering the fact that integrating a high performing heart rate sensor can oftentimes prove very bulky. But compared to the FitBit Alta (without heart rate monitoring capabilities) it looks almost identical.

Other useful features include its ability to effectively track distance, steps, and calories; its in-built SmartTrack exercise recognition; as well as call, text and calendar alerts. Equally as impressive is its long-lasting 7 day battery life.

8. Samsung QE65Q900

Finally, here is a tech toy that the whole family will love. The Samsung 8K shows the astounding capabilities that are on offer from future 8K technology. That’s right, they’re doing away with industry-leading 4K and are already demonstrating the incredible definition that is on offer through 8K.

No longer will you notice a single TV pixel but, instead, are greeted by magnificent colour, tone and detail regardless of which show you are watching. The TV technology automatically upscales anything you watch, enriching the home cinema experience like never before. Yes, it’s true that the hefty price tag will put a lot of people off, but this isn’t designed for immediate mainstream adoption.

Instead, it’s built for those true-lovers of high-quality television definition who are happy to pay above the odds to be ahead of the curve. There is arguably no better television currently available on the market and this wonderful piece of tech is ready to take full advantage of purpose-filmed, 8K films and series that should be hitting the big screen in the coming years.

So there you have it, our go-to guide of 2018’s 8 hottest tech toys. The perfect range of gifts to choose from if you’re looking to buy for a fanatic of both old-school and modern tech alike. No one could possibly be left disappointed after opening any one of these on Christmas Day!

Samsung QE65Q900

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