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eCommerce stores have the ability to drastically increase your business’s success by providing an online platform for your customers to buy your products. Luckily for you, we are experts at bespoke eCommerce web design in Birmingham and are happy to help support more UK-based businesses.

what do our eCommerce website design package include?

We are proud of all the websites we build and love the challenge of creating new eCommerce solutions for our clients. Here are the standard features that all of our eCommerce websites include.

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Full training on adding new products to your store

A fully responsive site

A truly bespoke design service

Complete eCommerce functionality across all devices

A robust site architecture that grows as your product line increases

Support for using Divi (a design tool that easily lets you make minor design updates)

ecommerce websites birmingham

Custom eCommerce Website solutions

On top of our standard eCommerce website design package, we can offer you the following additional services.

– CMS functionality (adding a blog to your site)
Graphic design
Blog management and content creation
SEO support and guidance
– Google Analytics fully installed
– Other custom integrations

We understand that no two businesses are the same, so your store needs to be unique. That is why we are happy to customise your site in any way you see fit. Just get in contact to see if we can support your needs.

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SEO is important to us

SEO is the backbone of online success for any site, and this is particularly true for eCommerce stores. In order to compete against larger eCommerce giants, you need to ensure your site is fully equipped to compete in Google search results. That is why we offer the following services:

SEO-friendly site architecture as standard
– Niche keyword research
– Content creation
– Monthly performance reviews

SEO is a complex science and something we have learned to specialise in. If you require advanced SEO support alongside your bespoke online store, then this is certainly something we can provide. For Ecommerce Websites Birmingham get in touch today!

SEO ecommerce websites birmingham

professional e-commerce websites Birmingham

Combining WordPress and WooCommerce to boost your sales performance

WordPress is the easiest and most flexible open-source web design solution around. This allows us to create truly bespoke websites, that are easy for our clients to understand to use.

Similarly, WooCommerce is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms around. Countless sites use WooCommerce to power their online stores, as it is a tried and tested to cope with heavy sales demand.

This means that, as your store grows and you increase your product range, WooCommerce will scale with you and provide a robust sales platform for your growing company. Perhaps the most useful feature is that you will then get access to in-depth sales analytics so you can dig down into your store’s performance.

This allows you to make quick and effective adjustments to your store and to your product range in order to boost sales. When coupled together, these two software solutions allow us to build unique and inspiring eCommerce sites.

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ecommerce website design birmingham

why choose us for your ecommerce website?

We truly believe that we offer the ultimate eCommerce web design service in Birmingham. We have spent years perfecting our web design skills and have helped numerous local businesses to take their stores online.

We care about the clients we help and aim to go above and beyond with every site we build. As a result, we can increase our technical skills and know-how, whilst assisting you in creating the perfect online sales environment for your business.

We also focus on creating an online sales platform that is safe and secure for both you and your customers. The payment processing system that we deploy allows you to safely accept payments and store sensitive customer information, offering proper peace of mind.

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ecommerce website design birmingham

find out more about our ecommerce websites Birmingham

The first step towards working with us is to request a quote today. Then, we can schedule in a call to fully understand your eCommerce website design needs and to decide whether we are the best web design team to help you with your store.

If you would like to find out more about our eCommerce website design service, then we encourage you to get in contact today. We would love to hear about your project and to provide a 100% no obligation quote.

ecommerce faqs

Can I edit the website myself, and which parts?

Yes, you can edit the website yourself, the website is fully yours not like with some website providers who keep you tied to them for life and who own the website if you ever try to leave them.

We can set up users from within your company to have set permissions to edit certain areas, it could be just the blog for your social media assistant or perhaps adding products to your store for your office junior, you will always have full editor rights as well so should you wish to make any changes to the site you can.

We also offer varying degrees of support from basic hosting and maintenance right up to unlimited amendments, the price will be according to your monthly requirement but start from only £26 per month

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Do you have example of live websites you have designed?

Yes, you will see links to our work on our portfolio and just above these questions on this page, if you would like more examples please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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What are your payment terms?

We take a 50% deposit up front and then 50% on completion. Your optional monthly fees will be set up once the website is signed off and live.

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Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up, just get in touch with us.

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How many rounds of revisions am I allowed?

We offer two rounds of revisions to the website, you will get the first draft and we will go through page by page with your taking detailed instructions on design, text and image amends, we will then action these for you and send you a link to the site to peruse, if you then want any further minor amends we will action these for you. If you have a monthly maintenance package with us you can  have amends to your website as often as you want depending on what we have agreed

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What support do you offer after the site goes live?

We offer different packages depending on your requirements.

Our basic ecommerce hosting and maintenance is £26 pm

This includes hosting on a shared server

Website maintenance and upgrades

Technical support if the website goes down

A monthly backup of your website

The next package up is £30 pm

This includes the addition of basic monthly amends to the website

Further to this, we have SEO packages to suit your needs

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How long do typical website design projects take?

For a small ecommerce website it can be as little as four weeks, for a more advanced website it could be up to twelve weeks.

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Will it be a responsive site that works on multiple mobile and tablet devices?

Yes we only build responsive ecommerce websites.

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What assets do I need to supply?

We will send you a full consultation form which will detail all assets you need to supply, these will vary from customer to customer but tend to include images, company history, prices, logo, hosting requirements as a minimum.

Who will write the content?

This is up to you, some customers like to write the whole site themselves, we find using our in-house SEO copywriter combined with a detailed customer brief the best method, but this is your site and we will listen to what you want.

What search engine optimization or marketing do you do for the site?

With every ecommerce website we build search engine optimisation is at the forefront, we ensure our code is clean, our images optimised, the pages have good metadata, and that we follow our internal search engine optimisation process to ensure your website has the best chance of appearing high. Our customers love what we do, and this is because we do it right.

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Can I edit the website myself, and which parts?