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We are proud to offer professional copywriting services to businesses based all over the UK. Our highly experienced, English writers have done tremendous work in helping clients to scale their growth through the use of high-quality copy, and we are always on the lookout for new business owners to support.

what is copywriting?

Copywriting can cover any sort of written content you display to your customers, right through from your social media captions to the headlines on the homepage of your site. Yes, copywriting also refers to any written work you have done for old fashioned print media as well.

However, we all know how important online marketing is and how it is the best avenue to attract new customers to your business. As such, we have taken the time to develop a copywriting team equipped with the necessary skills to keep up with evolving trends. Our team now provides copywriting services to companies across all industries, from health and leisure to female hair care.

Why is great copywriting so important?

Great copywriting can help propel your business through a number of different avenues. This includes:

1. Attracting new customers

Well optimised copy, that implements SEO best practices, is a great way to improve your site’s organic rankings for a whole array of targeted keywords and phrases. We have helped companies build their entire marketing strategy around this one technique alone.

2. Increasing conversions

Once on your site, your ideal aim is to convert visitors at a rate that is as high as possible. Well-formulated copy leads the visitor on a journey through your site that then converts them at a pre-defined point.

3. Getting your customers to stick around

Great copywriting can help your site develop a personality. Killer headlines, punchy CTA’s and story-like descriptions all serve to create a bond between the customer and your brand. It reminds them of who you are and what you sell, so that they come back and buy again and again.

Which businesses can benefit from professional copywriting?

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Every single business can benefit from some form of professional copywriting on their site. Every company needs a brand and building a brand relies heavily on expert copywriting. So if your strategy is to improve your rankings in Google and bring in thousands of targeted, organic users a month, then an SEO-trained copywriter is what you need.

Why is copywriting best left to the professionals?

If you are self-employed or a successful business owner, then there is something that you do that helps you stand out above the competition. You have to be highly trained in what you do and you have to know how to give your clients and customers what they want. Professional copywriters know how to do this as well.

Crafting well-optimised articles and compelling product descriptions is not a skill that everyone has and it isn’t one that can be taught overnight. Say for example that you are a plumber and a client has just asked you to come over tomorrow and fix their boiler.

What are you going to do, send you copywriter over to take a look? All whilst you perform localised keyword research to build new landing pages for your site in order to expand your audience base? Of course not! They can’t do your job and you can’t do theirs.

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types of copywriting services we offer

We pride ourselves on providing adaptable copywriting services to clients based anywhere in the UK. We have built up a team of writers who hold skills and experience across a wide range of industries. So whether it means writing product descriptions for a new line of chewing gum or search engine optimised blog content for your personal training service, we can help you out.

The sorts of copywriting services we offer include:

– Optimised blog content
– Product descriptions
– SEO-focused landing pages
– Email marketing
– Social media marketing
– Site audits
– Technical rewrites

Why choose our copywriting team?

Here are just a few of the reasons why new and existing clients choose to opt in for copywriting services from us.

We know what Google likes – We take SEM (Search Engine Marketing) seriously and all of our content is written with SEO best practices in mind.
Our team is passionate about what they do – Passion goes a long way these days and is what helps our writing come to life and stand out above the masses.
Our copywriting services get results! – Whether the aim is to increase sales conversions or generate traffic through Google, the work we do achieves notable success.
We are flexible around your needs and budget – All of our copywriting services are designed on a 1-to-1 basis and aim to fit your exact monthly requirements and budget.
We offer competitive pricing – We never set out to be the cheapest in our industry, and that’s because we believe we offer the highest quality copywriting services anywhere in the UK. We stand by our work, but always aim to be fair and competitive with our quotes.

copywriting birmingham

Examples of our work?

To help better illustrate the quality of our work, here are some examples of content we have recently produced for clients.

1. Our SEM campaign for Ultimate Fitness Birmingham

In the last 12 months, we have taken over the entire online marketing campaign for Ultimate Fitness Birmingham, which is one of Birmingham’s leading workout environments. As well as building a professional site that their members can be proud of, we have worked extensively to attract new clients through posting relevant, well-optimised content.

They were looking for articles that not only brought in new potential members to the site, but that benefitted existing members as well. This landing page promotes one of their new pieces of equipment, the Booty Builder, and has performed exceptionally well. The same goes for this article on the top 10 reasons to hire a personal trainer.

Ultimate Fitness Social Media Post

2. Domestic cleaners in Durham

When they expanded their cleaning business outside of their home city of Birmingham, the team behind Eazi Clean was looking for a way to quickly enter new markets. This landing page for the city of Durham has achieved the most success and has helped to showcase their brand to thousands of potential local clients.

And what’s great is that customers such as these are not one-off buyers of their domestic cleaning services. Instead, they order month after month. So this page, on its own, has the potential to generate thousands of pounds worth of recurring monthly income for the company, helping them to expand even faster if necessary.

Eazi Clean

what copywriting packages do we offer?

One-off packages

We offer both ad hoc copywriting packages as well as ongoing monthly agreements. If you are working with us to have a new website built, then it is advisable that we bring in our copywriting division to help craft a static content strategy around keywords relating to your industry.

Similarly, you might be in the process of redesigning your website or building a 6-month email marketing series to target a new customer base. Just let us know what you need and we can quote you a fixed price as well as a pre-defined deadline.

Ongoing, monthly copywriting packages

We like to offer complete flexibility in our ongoing monthly packages, allowing us to develop a plan that suits your marketing goals and budget. Some clients look for a dozen or more well-optimised 1500 word industry-specific blog articles a month; whereas other smaller clients, still in the process of expansion, are happy with four 1000 word articles.

Either approach is fine with us and we are happy to work with you to decide on a suitable plan of action. We respect the fact that your marketing objectives might change over time and so will your copywriting requirements. So rest assured, any agreed monthly package is flexible and can quickly be increased to fit new demand.

find out more today

We really are proud of the copywriting team we have built up and the services we offer all new and existing clients. So whether you are already working with us on a web design project, or are simply in need of new copywriting services, we would love to hear from you.