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19th July 2022

Instagram has exploded since its launch, and globally there are now 1 billion people using Instagram. While Instagram is a fantastic social media platform to share imagery and express yourself vividly visually, there are some limitations when sharing links within posts which help move users to your website. However, did you know the UK is in the top five countries worldwide for Instagram users, as of 2022, with a massive 22% of the country actively using the platform? This blog post shares with you 6 fantastic ways you can share your links on your Instagram business account easily.

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1) The Easiest way to add a link to your Instagram Bio –

Ultimately the easiest and most common way of adding a link on your Instagram is through bio, having “link in bio for more details” displayed on your profile.

To do this, simply click on your profile, tap Edit Profile, paste the link into the empty field next to “website” and click, done.

People can now click on this link and be instantly redirected, unfortunately, it only allows you to share one link, and if this link is changed, people viewing your older Instagram posts won’t be able to find the link. This can be useful if you have a new product or article on your website that you wish to promote, you can change your bio link and post images with the captions “See link in bio for more details”.

2) Add multiple Links on a Landing page –

Do you have several links you wish to share with people? If so, then a link landing page service provides personalised pages with a series of links and thumbnails. These services allow you to create a simple page with several labelled links. An example of a link landing page service is, Campsite and Linktree; once signed up for these services, your personalised link can be added to your Instagram Profile.

A link landing page enables you to also customise your profile picture, a bio, list anything you wish, add thumbnails to help your followers and more. You can add the link to your Instagram post or the bio itself. Most are paid plans, but there is an available free version which will allow you to add more than one link.

You can view some examples here:-

James Smith


BBC News

Instagram user creating a instagram story

3) Add links via your story –

You can add links through your Instagram story in a few ways, via link stickers (the latest feature that Instagram has added in a while), ads, or support stickers. This latest feature, the link sticker allows all users to add a link sticker to their stories by clicking the sticker icon or searching from the menu; you then add or paste the URL and tap done! Then place it where desired on your story. It’s one of the easiest ways for users to check out your website without visiting your profile.

4) Mirroring your Instagram Account –

An alternative take on a link landing page, “Mirroring your account” is a feature which allows you to style them as your Instagram page. The best example of a service which can do this is Metricool. A social media platform with plenty of features, including associating several links with your particular Instagram post. Mirroring your Instagram account through Metricool is a paid feature so bear this in mind you will need to upgrade to a paid account.

5) Create an image gallery website –

Creating a site that you host, completely separate from Instagram. Also possible to be hugely cost-effective by not spending any money on this; you could also opt for blogging platforms like WordPress (Cubic) or Tumblr (Gridsby). These allow you to create a site for free. Whichever platform or host that you choose, it’s best to use a grid theme this way; it will make it look like your Instagram feed.

6) Paid Sponsored Instagram Posts –

If you have a business Instagram profile, you can pay for a sponsored post on your main feed or within your stories. Sponsored posts will show within a target range you specify and appear in the feeds of people who dont follow you. With a paid sponsored post, you can share an actual hyperlink (no copy and pasting required or no short URLs needed). Most recognisable within your feed featured as sponsored or call to action, eg. “learn more” shown at the post button. For additional information on paid sponsored posts, visit the Advertising on Instagram page. From our experience, organic SERPS offer a better return on investment than paid advertising on social media platforms. So be sure to split your budget accordingly and monitor results, if you want to learn more about improving your SERPS, see our SEO page or call us.

We hope you have found this article helpful, and while social media marketing can be daunting, it must play a part in your marketing mix. It’s a tremendous complementary form of messaging to work alongside an easy-to-use and informative website.